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Live Painting

To tell the story of Lemus is like trying on a pair of old jeans. It fits perfectly. A moderate and humble soul. Lemus is an artist of strength and awareness, a seeker of truth and infallible finder of life. Lemus has learned that accepting ones artistry uplifts the soul and eliminates the weight on oneself. Such an innate understanding of this truth can be the first most valuable virtue we should all be inspired to attain- dictation to one's consciousness.


The Megalodon Man

A look in to the world of diving for Megalodon teeth and fossils in South Carolina, and a look in to the legend who started it.

Video Production

Charity Event

Guys With Ties Philanthropy is a non-profit organization founded in Orlando, FL by eight young professional men committed to making a difference within the community. They raise funds and awareness for local charities by planning exciting, themed parties throughout the year with a target audience of young professionals. The Board of Directors includes Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, and Sales Executives. Their common bond is the will to give back to the community that has given so much to each of them.

Video Production


Glowga is a unique yoga experience where yoga is practiced under neon and backlights and accompanied by music. Unlike a typical class, practicing in near darkness makes you more cognizant of your surroundings—your brain relies on heightened awareness from senses other than vision to process sensory information in order to stay balanced.

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